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About Us

Feel free to get in touch with Carpet Cleaning Richmond at any time you are in need for reliable and very cost-effective professional sanitation services. We have one mission and that is to be at the disposal of all our current and potential clients in the best way to be expected from a operation of our kind. Over the years we have managed to gather a loyal following of local residents that have made use of and are happy with the job we do cleaning carpets, rugs, hardwood floors and literally everything else to be found in one’s household.

Based and operating in Richmond, our team consists of responsible, carefully vetted professionals who have long years of experience doing what they are doing. We have made sure they have access to the latest steam cleaning machines, powerful, yet eco-friendly detergents and all other tools that are necessary in order to do their job. What is more we see to that they never stop learning new tricks, thus bringing our services a step higher every day. If you are looking for responsible and trustworthy individuals to take care of your cleaning needs, you are definitely going to find them with us.

Carpet Care Richmond is a well known name in these parts of Greater London. We stand by our reputation by providing services of an exquisite quality on prices that can be described as nothing short of affordable. But we are really interested in covering your needs and personal preferences in the best possible manner too. When you have special requirements as of the fashion in which the cleaning project you hire us for is to be taken care of, just tell us. We firmly believe in the individual approach to our work, because that is the best and most adequate way to live up to the high standards and expectations we are facing on a daily basis.

Having our team work by your side can be a real pleasure too. From us you are going to get nothing less than a royal treatment that will make you smile, while at the same time the task that needs completing will be taken care of in a fashion that is professional, diligent and very responsible. You can count on that for sure. We are at your disposal 24/7 so just do not miss your chance. You know that is the right thing to do.